Welcome to Power Aquatics.
Making a Splash at Mission Viejo High School!

Power Aquatics was formed in 2012 as a “Not for Profit” organization to promote the sport of swimming and water polo to pre-high school children.  Power aquatics purpose is to provide basic water polo training in the Mission Viejo area and prepare athletes for high school athletics. Power Aquatics seeks to benefit no particular high school or area over another and our purpose is simple: provide athletes a place to swim/ learn and play the game of water polo.

Our task is to bring all the differing skill levels and accompanying desires together into a unified program.  Our greatest challenge is to provide an environment for learning that is both enjoyable for the newest athlete and challenging enough for our veterans.  As our athletes progress we seek to provide ample opportunity for development without pushing our members beyond their ability to enjoy the sport


Power Aquatics will continue to try and fill the needs of each participant by focusing on their individual abilities and desires.  We will provide a level in our organization for everyone’s ability.  We want to meet the athlete’s current needs and also have a higher level for them to aspire.  We want to help our athlete’s set and attain future goals through practice, effort and reinforcement. 

We have goals of making this club a nationally and internationally known organization.  For our club to reach our overall goal we need to start at the beginning with the basics of hard work, practice and training until we have national caliber athletes.  Power Aquatics will provide this forum.

Experience and conventional wisdom have shown that the dedicated athletes who work hard year round will reach the goals they have set for themselves.  We are proud to have you as part of the club. We want our players to compete in high school and then in college- some with athletic scholarships; we want our players to be part of National Teams and ultimately play in the Olympics.

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