Frequently Asked Questions

Power Aquatics ​- Youth Swimming & Water Polo - Located in Orange County, California

Welcome to Power Aquatics! We hope you enjoy your session with us. Here are some frequently asked questions about our program and pool. Don’t hesitate to e-mail us with any other questions you may have.

On the first day of each session students will be assessed. Being a month-to-month program, we have to meet all of our new swimmers and test their skills immediately.​ Please bear with us as we adjust everyone to their new groups. After the first day practices smooth out and students settle into their groups. 

Parents: If you have questions for the coaches or want to discuss your students progress, please do so before or after practice. If your coach has another group after yours, e-mail us and we will make sure you are taken care of.


Head Swim Coach: 

Catherine Aguilar:

Power Aquatics Club Director: 

Sam Gelberger:

1. Q: What if I signed my student up for one level, but they got moved up or down?

A: You do not need to re-enroll or change their class. If the cost is different, please pay the difference on deck or e-mail


2. Q: Are there make-up practices?

A: We are on a very tight schedule revolving around high school boys water polo, girls off-season water polo and Power Aquatics water polo. The pool is booked every day from 2-8 p.m. leaving us no time for make-up practices. Good news is, our prices are much lower than our competitors and we are a month-to-month program. 


3. Q: Is the pool heated?

A: Yes! The pool must maintain a temperature of 76-81 degrees at all times. If it drops below that, we would have to cancel practice. 


4. Q: What equipment does my child need?

A: There is no required equipment. Recommendations are goggles for everyone and swim caps for girls. It is best/easiest to swim in a competitive suit made by TYR, Nike or Speedo. For boys- speedos or jammers create the least resistance. Swim shirts are not recommended. Although you may think they help keep your swimmer warm, they do the opposite. Parkas are recommended for the colder months. They can be found on amazon or


5. Q: Does Power go year round?

A: Yes! We take a week off for Thanksgiving, Christmas & New years. Other than that, we pretty much go year round. 


6. Q: Do you offer swim competitions?

A: We compete in USA swim meets as unattached. Coach Cat organizes small groups of swimmers to take to the events. There are also low-key swim meets at Waterworks Aquatics in Irvine that we take swimmers to, or you can sign up and go on your own as well. They are offered 1-2 times a month and are a great way to track your progress.


7. Q: Do you do proration’s for days missed?

A: We do not offer proration’s. We operate like a gym. You have a monthly membership and we will be there holding classes unless the pool is shut down for health hazards or lightning. 


8. Q: Is there practice when it rains?

A: Yes! We only cancel if there is lightning. There must be a 15-30 minute window of no-lightning before we can resume practices.




Fun Tips & Tricks:

Green hair? Tomato sauce.

Eyes burning? Put milk in your goggles & look around.

Phelps goggles: Speedo Speed Sockets

Most popular goggles: Speedo Vanquishers

Protect skin & hair from chlorine by rinsing with fresh water before/after swims.

Custom team suits available in our store website:

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